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Promotional Pack F + Cream F for oily skin


Pack for oily skins. Take advantage of our introductory offer natural remedy for psoriasisThis pack is composed of three base plates 1 Ointment plus 2 cream F plus i Creme F as a gift.

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NEW OFFER! Only now, when you order one pack F , you get free one extra Jar of Cream F as a gift

Take advantage of our introductory offer natural remedy for psoriasis.
This pack is composed of 4 base plates,with the following products:

1x Ointment: It is used as main basement. Quick relief of Itching and stinging, Deeply hydrating the injury. It helps to eliminate the scales of psoriasis, also helping to scar the lesions. Will be applied once at night, and being combined during the day with cream-S (dry skins) by JSoriasis orcream-F” (normal skins) by Jsoriasis.

3x Cream F: For oily skin. It is used combined with Ointment by Jsoriasis during the day, on first phase, in both, initial and old outbreaks. Once production of dead skins decrease, plaque is reduced, and soreness also decrease we will stop using Ointment by Jsoriasis at night, and will apply Cream-F by Jsoriasis during day and night, minimum three times per day.

Capacity for each: 50 ml.

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