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  • 100% ARTESANAL

    100% Hand Made

    With our method, you will notice a great improvement since first use, reducing significantly the itching and stinging that you suffer. As you will notice the effects since the first use, will keep you a moisturized skin and will recover a healthy appearance in few days due to its great regenerative power. As this is a natural product, free of corticoids or derived products artificially, does not produce side effects that derive from many medical treatments.

  • 100% NATURAL

    Essential Oils 100% Naturals

    With Jsoriasis will improve from the first application, reducing itching and burning sensation you may feel. Its effects are visible from the first week of application. Thanks to its great regenerative power in a few days, the skin regains a healthy appearance and keeps skin hydrated. The Jsoriasis products are not drugs, and are intended to mitigate the discomfort of psoriasis.

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    NEW OFFER! Only now, when you order one pack F or S, you get free one extra Jar (Cream or ointment). Select the pack you need. 

    Take advantage of our product packs and get the full treatment for a much lower price. 15% discount plus another jar Gift 

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  • 60,50 €

    It is used as main basement to relief skin injuries, mainly caused by psoriasis.

    60,50 €
  • 154,28 €

    Pack for normal and dry skins. Take advantage of our introductory offer natural remedy for psoriasis. This pack is composed of three base plates:1 Ointment plus 2 Cream S plus another jar of Cream S as a gift.

    154,28 €
  • 60,50 €

    For Normal and dry Skin. Relief of skin injuries, mainly caused by psoriasis. It is used jointly with JSoriasis Onitment at first step of the day, in new and old outbreaks.

    60,50 €
  • 34,99 €

    Suitable for sensitive or prone to irritation skin. His formula based on plant extracts moisturize and provide soothing, relieving injuries mainly caused by psoriasis.

    34,99 €


Spanish regulation of cosmetic 

Manufacturing activities of all our products are made to meet the requirements established in the Spanish regulation of cosmetic products and are manufactured in accordance with the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice referred to in Article 8 of Regulation (EC) 1223 paragraph 1 / 2009 of the European parliament and the Council on cosmetic products.