In General Terms, dandruff occurs when the Malassezia microbe, present in the scalp of all people, metabolizes human fat (known as sebum) and breaks it down, producing an oleic acid, to which 50% of the world population is sensible. The cells of the epidermis tend to die and be replaced faster than normal. The result is that the dead cells fall into large blocks that appear as small pieces or grayish spots on the scalp, also producing itchiness in it.

The application of natural oils on the scalp and hair is a great natural way to prevent and eliminate the microbe that causes dandruff.

Our hair lotion is indicated for sensitive scalps or with tendency to irritation. Its formula based on plant extracts moisturize and provide soothing properties, moisturizing the scalp, and relieving itching.

Everyone knows that in the nature of many varieties of plants have therapeutic benefits for humans, such as MINT, which has a beneficial effect to neutralize excess fat in the hair. Or LAVANDA essential oil which is one of the most popular oils and whose list of therapeutic benefits are endless, contains powerful anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. These two essential oils plus a list of 13 oils, as a whole make our product a unique formula to help solve your problem.