History Jsoriasis


How a product from our home became ointments and creams for psoriasis

Since 1993....

Our story begin in 1983, when doctors diagnosed PSORIASIS to my girlfriend (today is my wife), with only 19 years. At her age, to suffer an illness so Unsightly and difficult to hide, was a chain of depression, frustration and isolation, that only with our mutual affection we were able to overcome

Our first reaction was to visit family doctors and also Specialists in the disease, all of them recommended us all class medicines, including the famous medicines with corticoids. Non of them solved her injuries. Only the beach and the sun were mitigating her discomfort; but obviously during a short period of time. Motivate by her affliction, I proposed myself to find a remedy that could help in her cure, or at least to ease her frustrating physic and psychic situation.

I spent all my childhood and youth living in the countryside, where many people knew the use of all existing plants on our area, so I learned a lot of remedies that I have been applying on my life with wonderful results. During many years I have been investigating and trying all class of medicinal plants, alones and even mixing between them in different proportions, and in 1997 I obtained a formula that applied to my wife’s lesions we got exceptional results.

Thanks to this natural composite, artisanally prepared, enjoyed 9 years free of lesions. Her illness returned on each pregnancy, but applying that composite we could return to normality.

Today, we have decided to offer this composite to all persons that are suffering this illness. We are conscious that PSORIASIS is a chronic illness, but can be treated and give a better life quality. This decision has been taken after many consultations with doctors, pharmaceutics, dermatologists, and other professionals dedicated to elaborate and market of herbal medicines, to whom we showed obtained results applying our natural and artisanally prepared composite.  

We know from experience that you have tried many medicines with few or non results, and sometimes lesions have aggravated. We ask you for a vote of confidence, and remind you that with constancy you will get the desired result.